South Africa: Tourists may not be safe in South Africa?

Due to concerns over the latest strain of the Cosmodrome-19 virus, Attorney General of California Kamala Harris has recently issued a travel advisory for California residents to avoid South Africa. This comes as fears have been raised that US citizens might not be safe in South Africa due to a new strain of the dreaded virus.

This general travel advisory outlines that traveling to South Africa is not safe for US citizens. It further reads that travellers need to be vigilant of their own safety and not public spaces if they decide to visit South Africa. The risk of exposure to the virus is currently high as there is no screening process to identify who is carrying the disease.

“It is a real concern about the risk of spreading the virus, and since there is no screening process that we know of with any visiting public venue in South Africa and there is no effective screening process in place to detect those with the virus on the plane coming back, it is just a real concern that people could come here and spread it. If that is the case, it is likely to have long-term, significant repercussions for the US.” – Kamala Harris

Now all eyes are on US President Donald Trump’s upcoming trip to South Africa, Mexico and Israel. President Trump has a chance to warn South Africans and their friends and neighbours not to take any risks this Thanksgiving holiday.

Our team takes you inside these growing tensions around the globe. With tensions continuing to increase in various parts of the world, you’ll hear about the latest global developments, as well as travel and finance advice for South Africans travelling abroad.

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