Charlie Rose on Wet Airplane: “A Very Bad Situation”

( foxnews ) – We got some powerful, in-flight reporting from a plane that is stuck on the tarmac in Amsterdam today.

The jet was on its way to New York City from Kenya when it was stopped at Dusseldorf Airport. The Federal Aviation Administration said the plane’s cargo area was flooded when it dropped into the icy water last week.

Cameraman Charlie Rose said he spoke with passengers and the pilot.

Rose said there are very few amenities, a lot of games for kids and everyone there feels like we’re in a bubble.

He has a camera crew in the cockpit to be sure passengers have a full view of what’s going on.

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Charlie Rose says the passengers are waiting for Donald Trump to show up. But no luck.

He also reported that the airplane is full of criminals.

The passengers are holding a fundraiser for Sea Shepherd Conservation Society. Charlie reports some onboard have been cited for flying through airports while drunk or smoking in first class.

UPDATE: Airbus says the plane in question is not the one grounded at Dusseldorf Airport.

Charlie Rose captured what it was like inside the Airbus A340 that was stuck in the ice in Amsterdam. — FOX & friends (@foxandfriends) April 21, 2018

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