Lisa Rinna Shares Emotional Story About Losing Her Mother for Thanksgiving

Lisa Rinna has always spent Thanksgiving and the holidays with her mother Lois, but the loss of Lois this past weekend, suddenly and unexpectedly, shook her. So, on Sunday, the “RHOBH” star headed to Lois’ home in Florida and was able to celebrate her mom’s life in an emotional way that included sharing Thanksgiving with her sibling Barbara, her cousin Elaine and her husband Harry Hamlin.

What was more surprising was the way Lisa took to sharing her thoughts about her late mother with her loved ones.

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“She lived for so many years and I can’t believe I got to spend some time with her,” Lisa told ET on the set of “Life With Lisa” Sunday afternoon. “We all cried.”

While Lisa told ET she had spent the morning together with her niece and nephew as well as another family member, she was glad she was able to bring her mother out of the ether.

“I took her up to Palm Beach, I had her with Barbara and Harry, we all got together and her ashes were put in a beautiful lake,” Lisa explained. “I am glad I got to share this celebration.”

“RHOBH” fans, who have watched Lisa’s journey with Lois over the years, may have been in tears of their own during the memorial service.

“Lois was so excited when Lisa got engaged to Harry Hamlin. She even cried,” Lisa told ET. “I never expected her to be such a sweet mom, to love Harry so much. She would flip when I came in with Harry. She would roll her eyes and turn around and walk out.”

Lisa’s mother passed away suddenly after suffering a heart attack that left her in a coma. While Lisa said she and her sisters were aware their mother was in hospice, they didn’t expect to lose her so suddenly.

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“When she started to get sick, I did say to her [Harry] a couple of times that she wasn’t looking so good. She wouldn’t do anything about it. She just went to bed and never woke up,” Lisa recalled. “[One time,] she didn’t want to put her bed in the sun. She was home for about two days without much of a problem. [The last day she was in the hospital], I left her side. I didn’t like leaving her.”

As for what is next for Lisa and Harry? While they have made no plans just yet, Lisa told ET they were going to see her brother, Charles, when he is in town.

“It’s Thanksgiving now, so we will do dinner,” Lisa said. “He’s in Florida this week so we’ll do that. I might even fly up and visit them up there. But nothing planned, nothing planned.”

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