Photos: Photos of Hong Kong’s One World Expo (SWX)

Video highlights

Hong Kong’s One World Expo (SWX) pavilion houses an innovative new feature. Inhabitants can get their personalised water and energy needs met using a light show in the form of a streaming water mural.

Meanwhile, an intelligent water ring system monitors waste water from windows on the exterior of the water wall. According to the SWX, the water ring collects waste water from various sources, including air conditioning, and measures it before releasing it back into the Hong Kong river.

The pavilion’s architecture fits perfectly with its mandate – promoting environmental and economical sustainability. “By organising an exhibition which encouraged people to rethink the way they live and get involved with local communities, it was our responsibility to promote energy independence and the preservation of the natural environment,” said René Neprechkin, SWX’s managing director.

In 2017, Hong Kong won the Golden Key trophy as the most environmentally friendly international city, according to the contest’s organisers, the World Economic Forum. And though it faces severe water shortages, Hong Kong was recently rated the world’s friendliest city to sustainable tourism.

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