British Man Takes Home His WIFE After She Quits Her Job to Be a ‘Family Guy’

A British guy crashed his wife’s Thanksgiving dinner and convinced her to quit her job and bring him home. We’re pretty sure the marriage turned out all right.

Alexandra Bigelow’s husband Chris found out her corporate job was ending and the pair decided that he should be their next step, the Manchester Evening News reported. But things changed after Bigelow realized her husband needed something else in his life after all these years.

“I was just struggling financially,” Bigelow said. “In the end, I realized I could be a wife and dad as well as taking care of our two boys.”

Boilersmith Chris met his future wife back in 2008, when she was a caterer and he helped her set up the place. Bigelow was trying to make a change as a parent and decide if her future was cooking.

“I thought, ‘Well, she’s going to a management training college, so I’m going to try that,’” Bigelow said. “Maybe I can stay and start doing something really similar to cooking.”

She graduated, got her career started and added an online business to her resume. After seven years, she began enjoying helping other parents, as well.

“It is hard. It’s not what I set out to do. I knew it was going to be hard because everything changes,” Bigelow said. “I always think about my boys and my future.”

Bigelow was to fly home in November to spend the Thanksgiving holidays with her family. But when she picked up her husband for the flight, she saw his face completely changed.

“He turned to me and said, ‘I need to go home,’” Bigelow recalled. “We sat on the plane and he started to cry, saying, ‘I just want to be a dad and spend time with my family.’

She brought him home and Chris had a job interview at work.

“We sat on the sofa on a Friday afternoon, and he said, ‘Let’s get married and be family,’” Bigelow said.

The union was OK’d and the couple began dating in 2016. After 20 years together, they said they’re now happier than ever.

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