Toddler shot in the leg after being threatened by Georgia man, police say

A two-year-old family friend was shot in front of her home in north Georgia by a man acting on his rage, law enforcement officials said.

The child, Sadie, was shot in the leg and believed to be in good condition, Cobb County police said. The man has not been identified, but has been arrested on an aggravated assault charge, police said in a statement.

Sadie’s mother, Shalynne Anderson, appeared on NBC’s Today show on Thursday morning. She described her daughter as a toddler who has the same wide eyes as the first three months of her life. Anderson said Sadie goes by the name of “Lincoln” in the house.

Anderson said the family, who lives on Courtland Drive, grew concerned about the man around 8 p.m. Wednesday, because she said he had been acting bizarre and refused to leave the house.

“He was just watching TV all night,” Anderson said on the Today show. “We didn’t know it, until he came out and said he needed to feed Lincoln.”

Anderson called the police, and they arrived to take the man away. Sadie then went back inside.

“I felt really bad. I could really use her to keep an eye on the gun,” Anderson said.

As she was getting ready to leave home, the man returned, and fired three shots into the car while firing into the house, shooting Sadie in the leg, Anderson said.

“I was trying to stop him from doing anything,” Anderson said. “I had seen him come through the yard, and there wasn’t a thing we could do.”

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