London sets for first snow of the season – What else to expect?

These sheets are being put in place for snow this weekend. An update from Weather Live will be released shortly.

Winter has finally arrived!

The words you’ve been waiting for – snow – have been returning to your newsfeeds since late last week, particularly as December rapidly approaches.

But for London, Kingston and Cornwall – this weekend marks the first real taste of winter – and the first time the capital will be affected by snow.

Warnings issued by the Met Office, warns that snow could fall in parts of the UK.

Choppy weather could cause traffic delays

The first snow of the season is expected to fall across the UK, particularly London, Cornwall and the East Midlands, between midnight on Sunday, 3 November and midday on Monday, 4 November.

And although it may sound magical, there is a chance that it could turn unpleasant overnight, leading to messy driving conditions during the day.

Children and young people should take care driving in this weather – as the poor visibility could lead to accidents. Those who try to drive through snowy roads are likely to suffer car problems.

Pedestrians should remember to wear waterproof clothing if they’re out during winter.

The Met Office warned: “Slippery surface conditions and drifting in any heavy downpour could lead to minor to localised surface water flooding and might extend to ditches and gorse-covered hills.”

It also warned that there could be injuries from drifting snow and freezing rain in the south east, east of England and the eastern Midlands.

Please drive carefully and take extra care in these conditions. We will be monitoring the situation closely and providing live updates via @metoffice.

Thank you.

The Met Office says other areas that could be affected by snow later this week include – the North East, Southern Scotland, Northern Ireland, north west England, Wales, north west England, south west England, east Anglia, the Midlands, West Midlands, Yorkshire & Humber, and Yorkshire & Humber.

Latest UK weather updates (from BBC Weather)

BBC Weather: Weather not as cold as it was due to strong jet stream

The Euro-Atlantic jet stream is set to keep cold air to the north, while milder air to the south.

Flood alerts are in place for south west England and for parts of the north west.

Met Office forecaster Aidan McGivern has said: “It’s all about this little extra blocking high pressure.

“And what we’re going to be seeing is a real north-south split in the weather.

“Northern parts of the UK will see a much milder than average day, with some sunshine and things like the occasional flurry of snow in the Scottish Highlands and the north west.

“But as we look to the south, we’re going to see a much colder day on Sunday, with freezing rain, with blustery showers along the east coast of England.

“So, a pretty chilly Sunday ahead, particularly for Scotland and northern England.

“But then as we head into next week, generally a period of much colder weather for the whole of the UK.”

The Met Office has also warned of strong gales over northern coasts on Saturday, particularly in Scotland and Northern Ireland.

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