We will vote: US election has shifted to the states

US House of Representatives

The Republicans should rest easy as they are doing well in the states – so far.

Big wins in 2018, especially with the gubernatorial race in Indiana and the win at the state-level for senate candidate Josh Hawley.

The key here will be losing the governorship in Virginia, and with this chance, Democrats are going to ramp up their efforts for 2020.

US Senate

The recent flurry of Tea Party turnover seems to be working out for the GOP – as all the Tea Party candidates won Senate races, and one of them, Josh Hawley, ousted Missouri incumbent Claire McCaskill.

The Democrats have a crop of Republican insurgents, led by Representative Kyrsten Sinema, who could steal a Senate seat in Arizona, which, if winched for Democrats, would greatly enhance their ability to win additional House seats and eventually the Senate in 2020.

US House

The majority Democrats in the House of Representatives are still in solid position as they began the new session.

Democrats will work to block some of the Donald Trump initiatives he has been pushing, including his proposals to partially privatise Social Security, tighten immigration policies and roll back environmental regulations.

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