Is Biden a hypocrite on the issue of Trump’s travel ban?

Oh Lizzie, you just need to settle down. You just can’t let up. And you just can’t shut your trap. Is it me, or are you losing your damn mind?

You put the blame on Republicans for wanting to terminate people’s plans when lives depend on them. Blame Obama for not getting things done. Blame Obama for his corruption and his disrespect for the Constitution. Blame us for not following your lead. (And blame me for being so close to the truth.) But see, it isn’t just you who have a problem with people who do things in the United States.

Vice President Biden jumped into our debate with a new attack. He claimed President Trump’s travel ban is the same as his Executive Order — the order he championed and the one he defended so zealously.

Biden wants you to believe that Obama’s State Department put a “travel ban” on the countries listed in Trump’s executive order. That is false. Obama’s travel ban did not consider U.S. nationals.

Obama’s travel ban went after families and loved ones–not bans citizens because he was not sure what was being said or why. Obama’s travel ban did not have the judge claiming to be representing the lives of fellow Americans. Obama’s travel ban did not have the scribes and doctors raising flags about weak vetting to premeditated and real harm to their health.

Instead of being mad, you should be asking yourself this:

What about Biden’s hypocrisy?

Why is Biden only criticizing President Trump, when President Obama himself slammed him for his travel ban?

If he has a better case then I would like to hear it. There was no evidence — no fact — or even a person.

When it came to his executive order, Biden insisted “This is not a Muslim ban. This is not going back to policies of the past.”

This in spite of the fact that two of the countries featured in his order: Afghanistan and Iraq. This in spite of the fact that Biden himself had exempted all religions as long as they weren’t a threat. We were not exempt from that order.

We were even hurt by this order.

The DHS posted a mandatory suspension of their refugee admissions program for the time being. The memorandum includes the seven countries included in the order.

I say that because when that order was signed and signed again in order to tweak it a bit, we were shipped back from our destination. We had no idea what we were walking into or what it would actually entail.

If Biden were concerned about people in harm’s way, his actions back then should be an incredible concern. He should have been in harm’s way himself. And he should be particularly worried about the children he isn’t helping.

Especially the ones he was pushing his wife to give birth to. Not giving women and children and parents a chance to arrive safely.

But, that’s too difficult. He has nothing to complain about except the statement he made against Trump’s original executive order.

You have attacked my character. You have lied on me. You say that I don’t care about the truth. It is a lie. I care about the truth. I’m a writer. I tell the truth about what I find. You want to push a narrative and you go with that narrative? If so, your current reality is extremely negative and highly cynical.

I want to leave you with one tip:

The United States will not be a country of sissies. It is a strong country. We will stand up to folks like you. We will stand up to anyone who tries to shut us down because we don’t agree with their contentment or opinions.

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