US vs. Czech Republic: How to watch Women’s World Cup games online

Without a shadow of a doubt, soccer in the United States is on fire right now, especially on broadcast television.

The USMNT has made it to the Round of 16 in FIFA World Cup qualifying, and their American counterparts are in action in their region as well. A battle of unbeaten sides, the WNT and the Czech Republic face off today in Czech Republic’s Cienda Arena.

Here’s everything you need to know about today’s clash between the USMNT and the Czech Republic.

Keep your eyes on the ladies on the field

Much like the women’s World Cup final, it will certainly be a close match, something that has surprised not only the two squads, but all observers of soccer in North America and throughout the world.

TOUGH MATCH: The USMNT faces a tough challenge with Czechs’ collapse

In the Czech Republic’s 4-2 win over the United States during the group stage of the 2017 Confederations Cup, they held the home team to just one goal, enough to put the West Coast side in a hole on a very windy evening in Prague.

Over in the U.S., the only other team on the slate aside from the Russians, Denmark is also scoring goals of late and currently holds a four-point lead over the WNT.

Saturday’s match will be held in the Prague Arena, a 20,000-seat building that will make for a nice atmosphere to look forward to. But will the Czechs even need it?

Their final group match against Brazil held over two-days and Brazil won a 3-0 drubbing, so even facing the USMNT won’t be easy.

Social media will be buzzing

The social media age has brought with it a golden age of soccer in North America, and Twitter and Facebook are often huge sources of information for fans.

While the website of soccer blogs and websites are always a must-read source for the details of today’s battle, the social media outlets offer something unique, if not downright exciting, as well.

The Czech republic’s official Facebook page has more than 130,000 likes, but the women’s game is still very new to most of the US audience. While not a force, the Czech Republic is projected to finish second in Group C, placing second in their own region behind the United States.

With that said, this meeting will provide some real drama for at least one Twitter session.

Time: 7 pm ET

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