Seth Meyers would have had a third daughter on the same day she was born

NBC’s late-night host Seth Meyers celebrated his two daughters’ third birthdays on Friday night, but he revealed that he is also getting the mother of his children’s first birthday in on the fun.

“I have three daughters — baby Rhianna was born August 8th, 2004, and then two years later, Lucy got her breath,” Meyers said at the beginning of his Saturday Night Live-inspired monologue, before bursting into a fit of laughter. “Heeeeeeeeeeeels, I haven’t had much sleep.”

“Apparently, at 3 years old, Lucy is not too old to have a very special day,” Meyers continued, quickly clarifying that he did not mean to imply that she had two birthdays.

Meanwhile, baby Rhianna “was born to a secret father,” which Meyers proved in a segment called “How the Baby Got Her Name,” in which he impersonated “Maman” (Ashley Judd), a maternal geneticist who had just “left her lab” to pick up a seven-month-old child.

“It all seems so weird,” Meyers explained. “But sometimes when I talk about my kids, you guys think I’m some person who’s stuck in the ’80s. But who says that? I’m the one in the ’80s! These things just really happened.”

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