Sudan leaders ‘agree to reinstate PM’


Parliament Speaker Osman Ishag signs agreement between the Sudan People’s Liberation Movement and ousted prime minister Awni Mohamed Abdullah Abdul-Razzaq

Sudan’s military chief Abdel-Rahman al-Nur and ousted prime minister Awni Mohamed Abdullah Abdul-Razzaq have agreed to reinstate the premiership and allow the liberation of jailed political prisoners.

Parliament Speaker Osman Ishag signed the agreement on Saturday at the Darfur office of presidential advisor Amad al-Haj.

Haj said the agreement will be put to a parliamentary vote by the end of February. If it is endorsed, an interim government of national unity will be formed within six months to prepare for national elections.

Opposition pressure

He said opposition figures urged members of parliament to back the agreement signed with Ibrahim, suggesting they did not fully understand its content.

The agreement also extends the presidential powers through October 2019.

Under the agreement the army has also agreed to allow a return of civil servants and soldiers who have been paid their salaries since 2013.

The defection of Ibrahim’s PM is widely seen as an attempt by the President Omar al-Bashir’s People’s Congress Party to regain power. Bashir is currently under indictment for war crimes by the International Criminal Court.

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