LINKS: The Pros And Cons Of The Alamo Bowl

Football Will Do.

No, it won’t be good or bad but this belief among college athletes transcends being exposed to outdated and archaic rules that favor the big schools over the little schools. It is also something that lends much-needed energy to the staff that is working for and recruiting these players.

That’s why we always remind players when they are in Las Vegas at the APU Tip-Off Classic every year. Many of the top players in the country are here but we are always concerned that those players might be lost for good if not for those 11th hour discussions by those outside of football to help themselves.

[Jordan McAfee] is in discussions with Colorado about being their offensive coordinator, he’s definitely a fit. He has a tremendous resume and a knowledge of our system and how we practice. He’s a young coach and still learning and trying to get out there and the relationships he has built at Colorado were instrumental in convincing him to join us. We’re all here to win and that’s something that is very important to us.

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