Three injured in shooting aboard Greyhound bus on I-96 near Flint, Michigan

Three women and a man were injured in a shooting on a Greyhound bus on Interstate 96 near Flint, Michigan, on Thursday afternoon. One of the passengers, the 74-year-old grandmother of one of the injured women, said that a gunman dressed in black and wearing a mask started shooting around 1:30 p.m. local time. He also shot the driver of the bus.

Federal agents were on the scene, and one of the victims was in surgery after sustaining gunshot wounds, WOJB-TV reported. Another passenger was shot in the leg and left with a leg injury that required surgery, said the Associated Press. All the injuries are not considered life-threatening. Local officials named the suspect as James Alex Fields Jr., Jr., who was a passenger on the bus, the AP reported. He reportedly exited the bus after it pulled off at a gas station, and drove away in his car. Local and state police caught up with him about five miles from the shooting site and fatally shot him.

“I heard the screaming and looked over and he had a mask on and the gun,” one passenger, Kimberly Ford, told The Flint Journal. “We were all scared. I’m 77, and I’ve never been scared like this.”

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