Top 10 shows to watch this Sunday: from ‘Catch-22’ to ‘Perfect Home’

1. It’s The Circle: Power of the Dog

We have a taste of what to expect from Steven Moffat’s reworking of the classic 1970s series by sitting down with creators Amanda Abbington and Matt Smith. They’ll tell us all about where the story has gone since John Hurt’s 2015 guest appearance, the origin of the series and a little bit about his/her character. It’s on BBC Two on 21 May and you can watch the trailer here.

2. ‘Annie’ at the Savoy

If you’re feeling a bit overwhelmed at the sight of 10,000 West End tickets for two West End shows, don’t worry. One of the best theatre productions of the year is reuniting the stars of its New York musical and currently wowing theatregoers in New York City. Emma Thompson and Andrew Lloyd Webber star as crazy billionaire Oliver Warbucks and foster mother Miss Hannigan, alongside the show’s original young leads Mike Eldridge as Oliver and Sophia Gennusa as Annie. See below for full details and tickets.

3. Live Jazz With Kenny G

The trumpeter and composer of ‘It’s Gonna Rain’ will celebrate his first music night at the Royal Albert Hall with this intimate evening with his band. Craig Jackson, Roger Allen and Joshua Ranier are the others playing a selection of their standout interpretations of some of Kenny G’s works. You can catch this on 22 May.

4. ‘Significant Others’ With Alistair McGowan

The actor who plays Jack Quinn in BBC’s sitcom Kidding has an open letter to his estranged wife Samantha – who left him after just six months of marriage. “I trust that neither I nor Samantha are the only ones that ever thought they knew me and that this will be a chance for them to understand that I think I am better than they are,” McGowan writes. (Getty Images)

5. Copouts

A new dramedy on BBC Two starring Sue Johnston as the head of a criminal law firm, it explores the world of petty crime and trying to come to terms with your past. It’s a heartbreaking look at the personal cost of trying to forget and of moving on with life. We’ve got a preview of the first episode here.

6. Sinatra at the Royal Albert Hall

A night of performances from some of Frank Sinatra’s biggest hits as performed by talented artists led by Seamus Power – and we’ve got your exclusive preview to check out here. (Getty Images)

What’s new in television?

New show: “How To Make It In America”

Forget The Deuce and Midsomer Murders, ‘How To Make It In America’ is a new anthology series produced by Jonathan Lisco. Six half-hour stories that are meant to inspire you to be more entrepreneurial, explore new ideas and train you for a career. The newbie ITV series kicks off on Saturday at 9.15pm.

New show: “All 3’s Company”

A new cast will play the three boisterous actresses reunited on the set of a forgotten British sitcom that is a poignant, tender love story set against the legend of its actors. Clad in mostly sleeveless T-shirts and expressing much emotion through gesture alone, the new trio are in the spotlight as a passing of the baton in 1960s show All 3’s Company. Written by the brilliant Tony Jordan and directed by Kate Whoriskey, the new Netflix series kicks off on Monday at 10.15pm.

New show: “Bravo”

Simon Cowell is returning to America’s Got Talent, and to show off his new presenting skills, he’ll be showing us how he will tackle hosting alongside judge Howie Mandel. Once again we’ll have our chance to find out if he really is more than just a ‘British version of Mr Nasty’. The series kicks off on Sunday 21 May at 8pm on ITV.

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