Here’s the real reason You Should Be Afraid of Big Government

“An enemy? Well, we’ve always had enemies, just not on this planet,” Senator Joseph McCarthy said.

But a key part of that remark was missing, “and I say that mankind has created itself in their image, and has lavishly bestowed upon themselves the rights and privileges of mankind.”

Now scientists are reporting that humans in the rich world have created a dangerous microbial marine group called the distemper virus, a class of virus that infects animals, and are directly responsible for the Ebola virus.

Let me repeat that: the same virus that caused the Ebola virus that is only found in uncultivated forests, probably first appeared on a tropical island in China, and has been migrating into the developed world, leaving a devastating legacy of epidemics in Africa, Asia, Europe, and North America, most notably in central America.

This work was conducted by Professor Jamie Lu, an ecologist who makes a living studying Pacific water teeming with microbes. He works in a rainforest area called the Caribbean rainforest.

“The scientific community knows that these viruses are here in the islands, but nobody has ever noticed. People have been looking in the rainforest, but nobody has been going in the sea. “

“There have been a couple instances in the past where dead birds have fallen off the mountains, not knowing if it was another group of mosquitoes that just died, or this other group of viruses that are here.”

“The scientific community knows that these viruses are here in the islands, but nobody has ever noticed. People have been looking in the rainforest, but nobody has been going in the sea. And now, I’m saying, “If you were to look at the sewage plants, and the public bathroom disinfectants, and the trash bins, there’s absolutely no way to combat those.”

“We’re just waiting for it to happen. We’re just waiting for this distemper virus to break out, that will get into Hong Kong, if not somewhere in the United States. There’s just no way.”

This virus, distemper, can potentially cause autoimmune diseases or multiple sclerosis, all types of cancer, and whatever cancers are not currently classified.

There is not a good sense of urgency with this work. We still don’t know when it will break out in North America, but if it does, they say it will destroy in a matter of a few years up to half of the people who are in the 50 United States and even millions more worldwide. This virus is so powerful that even after eight years, the president will be unable to control it.

According to Dr. Lu, it was thought that distemper was considered extinct, but was found in a study after John F. Kennedy committed suicide, in 1961. Since then, we haven’t had another large outbreak like it in thousands of years.

Why are you not more worried about a U.S. government virus like this? You should be. You should be afraid.

Forget ‘big government.’ I’m not going to warn you about that, because what we have is “small government,” where you can control the pace and amount of government spending, the number of laws, regulations, taxes, and foreign policies, and you can also do everything you want to do with your family, because you don’t have to comply with 50,000 government agencies and regulations, nor are you forced to pay your fair share, just as you don’t have to pay the UN for 60,000 people to process your tax returns.

Big government? Imagine that. I love it.

But we also have governments that are slow. Rules and regulations slow everything down. It takes time to build. It takes time to get permits. It takes time to put buildings together. Government moves too slowly to deal with a bigger event like a virus. So there is no way they can stop it.

I lived in southern California, and the microbe that attacks people’s central nervous systems, the herpes virus, was there every day. Just normal bacteria and fungi that live in your body. And you didn’t have to worry about the herpes virus.

And then one day you look at a morning newspaper, and that’s what you see, bad headlines everywhere. It’s called “A Nightmare on 24th Street.” Well, the same thing is happening now with the Distemper virus.

Another nightmare? You should be afraid.

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