Mexico recaptures over 400 migrants, including 450 children

Three hundred and forty-five Honduran migrant migrants and a member of the international protection group “Coexist” — led by Venezuelan activist Lilian Tachiquin-Perez — were found hiding in two trucks along the southern route north to the United States, regional police and prosecutors said Saturday.

The Mexican Navy identified the migrants as part of a group that had entered Mexico from the southern state of Chiapas on Oct. 19.

The migrants had no identification papers and were temporarily detained by the navy. They were then transferred to a military base in the town of Ciudad Altamirano near the Mexico-Guatemala border.

They were turned over to the Mexican civil protection agency.

Two trailers also had migrants inside. The navy found 806 people in total and 39 of them were being held under surveillance at Ciudad Altamirano.

Another 141 people were believed to be minors. Of those, 40 minors were believed to be being held in separate facilities to assist their families.

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