Women running for House speaker say Trump’s ‘put down the machete’ approach won’t work

Marjorie Taylor Greene says she’s running for House speaker if Republicans retake the majority in this year’s midterm elections. And she is also taking the White House to task for its “put down the machete” approach to dealing with women.

In an interview with CBS’s “Face the Nation,” the lone female Republican candidate for speaker spoke about the political climate she is facing: “There’s plenty of reasons for me to do this race. [Being] the first woman speaker would be one of them. But I think, frankly, it’s far more important that we have a speaker who actually cares about people.”

The Kentucky congresswoman, who is challenging current House Speaker Paul Ryan for the position, outlined a series of goals she would set to show Republicans in Congress are taking the threat of organized human trafficking very seriously. Green outlined ways to remove victims from industry, increase transparency and legislative assistance to provide support for sex trafficking victims.

“This president is not using his power for the people. He’s trying to make the people like him,” Greene told host Margaret Brennan. “And the reason he’s doing it is because he’s the only conservative person who can get elected, and so, he’s putting down the machete, and saying, ‘Look, you know, you better believe me. I’m going to put down that machete.’”

The Republican Congressional Campaign Committee currently has Greene on its email list with a goal of winning as many seats as possible for the party. She is not the only woman running in competitive GOP primaries for House Speaker, but she feels confident about her chances, noting she “ran in what was a left field seat” in 2010, and believes her ability to raise money will help her beat her Democratic opponents.

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