Ontario election result: Election night results in pictures

In addition to seeking further work with the provincial government, the government will also be launching an online registry, called Workplace Cancer Registry Ontario, which will list potentially affected workers and offer best practice guidance for employers.

The online registry will also allow families to search for suspected cancers, should they be diagnosed in their loved ones.

Trimming back the health transfers

Both parties agreed to cut health transfers in next year’s provincial budget. The Liberal government says it expects to save $3.8 billion over four years by shrinking the health transfer and increasing hospital charges for patients.

As well, the NDP said it intends to invest $1.8 billion over four years to improve early detection and treatment of cancer.

A diagnostic tool for detecting blood cancers – an innovative test that already exists in Canada and elsewhere – could also be available to Ontario workers within three years, New Democrats say.

Health Minister Christine Elliott says there was no specific cancer action plan, saying “cancer is about quality of life and people are trying to make it healthier for life.”

No specifics on pharmacare

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