Winter: Dolphin inspired by film Frozen ‘dies’ aged 4

Image copyright CNET Image caption Jennifer Garner and the other members of the movie’s star-studded cast

The end came suddenly for Winter, the adorable dolphin that starred in the Oscar-winning film Dolphin Tale.

The 4-year-old, brought up after being injured during a rescue from a fishing net, suffered brain damage and died last Friday, the National Aquarium in Tampa said.

In a post online, the aquarium confirmed she was dying “with only a few weeks left of her life”.

Winter’s story went on to inspire a number of books, a musical and a film starring the Dwayne Johnson (and yes, Winter, the musical) and Jennifer Garner.

“You were my Baby,” her owners wrote on Facebook in her memory.

“I will not be the same without you.”

In addition to its own poster, the aquarium said Winter appeared in almost 200 posters advertising Disney’s movie.

“You were on dozens of merchandise, too many earrings, bumper stickers, pillows, mugs, blankets, you name it,” it added.

Image copyright National Aquarium of Tampa Image caption The film had been seen as a role model by many young viewers

Winter was donated to the aquarium at just 10 days old.

Her rehabilitation path took her from a dire condition to appearing in one of the most famous dolphin dramas of the past few years.

According to the Hollywood Reporter, she had been the subject of a scavenger hunt by fans of the film – known as Winterpalooza.

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