Keanu Reeves reveals his secret wedding to longtime girlfriend Winona Ryder

Turns out Keanu Reeves did secretly get married.

Wearing a dark, voluminous tracksuit and no engagement ring, the movie star-and-pace set DJ and author said the ceremony to his longtime girlfriend, Winona Ryder, was “private, under the eyes of God.”

“We’ve lived together for 14 years now and now she’s got a job, she’s able to find her way. We respect each other and we respect each other’s other family, so it was time,” Reeves told The Times in an interview.

Speaking to the BBC, Winona Ryder said the couple married in a Las Vegas chapel in 2005 before moving to L.A. “You got to look at it the way that it’s done. And who knows how it’s done, you know?” she said. “It’s not like we went to a register office and got a marriage license. It’s something that we do when we’re comfortable with it. In our personal lives, it has its own merits. But like I say, our friends and family know. Their money.”

Keanu Reeves on Winona Ryder’s wedding: We got married in Vegas and moved here.

Asked whether the marriage was legal, he said: “It’s not like we got married, but it was in Vegas. And it’s set up so we could get married here. In fact, I had never moved back to L.A. in my whole life before I met Winona.”

Ryder added, “He lived in Arizona. He always jokes around that we got married in Vegas.”

According to Variety, the couple met in 1993 when they appeared together in the film The Ballad of Agamemnon. They have two sons, 2-year-old Charlie and 4-year-old named Sonny.

Earlier this year, news broke that Reeves and Ryder, who met in 1995, were due to have their own reality show, which is currently in pre-production.

According to The Times, Reeves: “wants to be able to tell his boys that he loved them and showed them the love of a real man. That the opportunities I had were because of the opportunity I had when I met him.”

Read the full story at The Times.


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