Bed-spotting: what’s on offer at the supermarket, the retailer, the joiner and the cabinetmaker

Furniture This is a round-up of the best deals to be found on the most popular bedding and bedding retailers in the run up to Black Friday

Black Friday got you thinking about buying a duvet cover? Or are you trying to decide which sofa to buy? Well today’s a good day to start making some decisions. From bedding, to cabinetry and even a television, there’s plenty on offer, all starting today. And as this is August’s Black Friday and if we’re being perfectly honest, October is pretty crap, how about we spread the bargains over the next couple of months?

So, here’s a round-up of the best mattress deals, bedding deals, sofa deals and furniture deals.

Black Friday mattress deals 2017

Want a DIY bed? Then sign up to i Home’s Black Friday sale. Photograph: Ben Curtis/Rex/Shutterstock

Black Friday mattress deals 2017

What’s a mattress, you ask? Nothing more than pillows, sheets and a box of comforters. They’re ridiculously cheap and normally a luxury. But for those who want a decent night’s sleep and don’t mind a bit of DIY (apparently I should know about this) a mattress is a great place to start your saving. We have some really good deals available on deals below.


Black Friday bedding deals 2017

Mattress and bedding: Mattress Firm for today only! Photograph: Furniture Village

Black Friday bedding deals 2017

Can you name all these bed linen brands? Maybe not, but you can definitely pick which ones are on offer. No, you’re not breaking any kind of bargain by stuffing your face with kitchen junk for the day. Nope, those used bedsheets are absolutely smashing this sale.

Oh, and don’t forget the duvet. They’re on sale as well.


Black Friday cabinetry deals 2017

These are the best deals we have found for cabinetry in the UK.

i Home Black Friday sale: Top 20 buys – our pick of the top buys Read more

British Home Stores – which owns TK Maxx, DFS and one of the best furniture sellers in the country, British Home Stores – have a brilliant deal on their restaurant tables on offer from Oct 4 -7.

Toys R Us are marking their Black Friday deal today as well.

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