TV cleaning: Extension lead tape ‘can damage sound quality’

Image copyright Mark Brandink Image caption A householder-turned-adviser advised against using extension lead tape to clean between your set’s speakers

Experts have warned against using extension lead tape on TVs because of the effect on sound quality.

The cable, sometimes used to reduce crosstalk between speakers, causes the sound to crack, according to Finish-based leading TV cleaner, Mark Brandink.

He told the BBC that using the tape could have a “strong negative impact” on the sound.

According to his website, using the tape will result in sound being diverted onto a different surface.

Mark Brandink warns against using extension lead tape on TVs

He recommends different methods for cleanings such as using extension lead clips, liquid dishwashing soap, rubber granules and extension strap tapes.

This is not the first time this warning has been made. But the broadcaster thinks that now more people realise the risks involved they might be more likely to opt for a cleaner recommended by manufacturers.

“Now that you’re aware of the effects, be you a TV cleaner or a TV owner, I hope you’re more likely to change your habits and remove those extension lead clips from your TV.”

Image copyright Sunfire Media Image caption With these tips, Mark Brandink says, you are less likely to damage your TV sound quality

Flitting between furniture, carpets and walls can damage televisions.

The government’s advisory body, the ICAEW, has previously released research that found TVs emit small amounts of potentially damaging lead, although not enough to lead to any long-term harm.

David Gildenhorn, of the association’s technology and products division, said: “We support the use of flat-pack and -plugged televisions, but at the end of the day good cleaners should always be used, and any of the technologies covered by Mark Brandink’s site can be effective.”

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