Trump on Assad’s ‘Chemical Attack’: ‘I Want To Kill That Animal’

What you missed on Friday night:

Special counsel Robert Mueller’s prosecutors are expected to meet with the president’s lawyers again this week to discuss potential issues for the president to answer in an interview with Mueller, according to multiple reports.

Mueller’s team is expected to subpoena Trump’s tax returns and notes from meetings with top aides for President Trump’s White House.

FBI agents are examining thousands of text messages between Peter Strzok, the former FBI official who was removed from Mueller’s investigation team over anti-Trump text messages, and his colleague Lisa Page, who had already been relieved of her special counsel duties.

Senator Mark Warner, the top Democrat on the Senate Intelligence Committee, said a Russian company was a front for drug traffickers who should be subject to prosecution by the United States.

He accused President Trump of trying to undermine the investigation into Russian election interference, telling NBC News: “If we don’t stop him now, it’s an insult to the people of this country. He’s undermining the legitimacy of the investigation. That has real consequences. The longer it’s allowed to fester, the harder it is to discredit it. And I really worry that it’s starting to have negative implications beyond just Congress.”

BuzzFeed News, a digital news organization, has raised a new round of funding worth nearly $100 million from various investors.


On Thursday, President Trump pledged to deport “the bad hombres” during a campaign rally in Wisconsin — an apparent reference to undocumented immigrants in Central America.

During the event, he vowed to withdraw the United States from the Paris climate agreement, a multilateral accord to combat climate change, saying that China and other countries “are laughing at us.”

Mr. Trump has also said that he is focused on “safety” and “economic growth” in order to help working-class Americans. He’s said that his administration plans to build a wall along the United States’ southern border with Mexico and to increase defense spending.

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