Singapore Airlines plans for a fully vaccinated crew

Flying requires the blood of volunteers between the ages of 18 and 40, but passenger levels could cut risk

Singapore Airlines plans for a fully vaccinated crew

Singapore Airlines is planning to require all crew to be vaccinated against the Zika virus.

Researchers say that travellers with a history of travel to some countries affected by the mosquito-borne virus should be particularly aware of the risks.

Investigators told the Lancet medical journal that up to 70% of the passengers caught and contracted the Zika virus at some point during their trip. About 60% of those affected develop symptoms of infection, and few need to seek medical treatment. But as no treatment exists for the virus, the symptoms are more likely to affect women and children, increasing their risk of a range of potentially fatal complications, including microcephaly.

In 2014, Singapore Airlines faced criticism after a passenger suffered a “fever of unknown origin” on board after going on a trip to Guadeloupe. He was sickened by the virus upon landing in Singapore and was then returned to the US, where he subsequently died.

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